Artist Statement

In the spirit of Hototo, the Hopi spirit warrior invoked in rituals of healing, the art of Hototo Studio serves as a guide, helping retrieve parts of the soul lost during life’s traumas—an artistic journey toward renewal and self-discovery.

Experience the convergence of music and vision, transcending traditional boundaries. An exploration of unique artistic expressions influenced by abstract expressionism, new media, and the seamless integration of various art forms.

Artist Introduction

Hototo Studio is founded by artist Fred de Jongh-Reus, who graduated in 2019 as Master of Music in Music Design at the department of Music & Technology of University of the Arts Utrecht, HKU in The Netherlands.

He devotes his artistic practice to creating audiovisual art with self-made digital systems and music technology, to touch people’s hearts with his art.

Fred is also a proud young father and has a side-job next to Hototo Studio. He wants to take Hototo Studio to the public space, exhibiting in physical and virtual museums and performing live, working completely with his heart.

Being a firm believer in the healing power of art and the shared experience of music, Fred is building Hototo Studio as a way to touch people’s hearts, with the incredible support of his wife Eva and the love of their life Wolf.