General Conditions

Clients interested in commissioning original artworks may submit requests through our designated channels. The approval of commissions is at the discretion of the artist, considering feasibility and alignment with their artistic style.

As part of the commissioning process, the artist reserves the right to conduct an interview with the client. This interview may take place in-person or online, depending on the location of the client.

Commissioned artworks require a mutually agreed-upon payment and terms, which may include a deposit. Payment details and terms will be discussed and confirmed prior to the commencement of the commission.

The completion timeline for commissioned artworks will be agreed upon between the client and the artist. Digital commissions will be delivered electronically, while physical artworks will be shipped to the provided address.

For shipping addresses within The Netherlands, clients have the option to arrange personal delivery by the artist. The details of such arrangements will be agreed upon between the client and the artist.

Clients may purchase digital art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The ownership and authenticity of these digital assets are secured through blockchain technology.

NFT purchases are facilitated through smart contracts on blockchain platforms. The ownership and transferability of NFTs are governed by the rules of the respective blockchain. Clients are responsible for understanding and adhering to these rules.

Purchasing an NFT grants the buyer ownership of the unique 1/1 edition of the digital asset but does not transfer copyright or intellectual property rights. Clients are granted personal, non-commercial usage rights, and the artist retains all rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the artwork.

All artworks, whether physical or digital, are the intellectual property of the artist. Clients do not acquire any intellectual property rights, except for those explicitly granted in the case of NFT purchases.

The artist retains the right to reproduce, display, and promote the unique 1/1 edition of the artwork for promotional and marketing purposes, including but not limited to, social media, portfolio, and exhibitions.

In the event of any disputes or concerns, both parties agree to seek resolution through good-faith negotiations. If a resolution cannot be reached, mediation or arbitration may be pursued in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.

By engaging with Hototo Studio, clients acknowledge and accept these General Conditions. For any inquiries or concerns, please contact our Client Support at support [@]